Professional & confidential investigations

From vetting parties entering into a contractual agreement, to providing deep background checks and profiles of potential childcare workers, you need in-depth information to make informed decisions. My relentless focus is on providing my clients with the highest level of knowledge, peace of mind, and safety.

Childcare investigations
Childcare safety & investigation

Independent and comprehensive background checks are a must. Agencies and care sites have a vested interest in matching your family with a provider. A party that will profit from a match is biased. Fully licensed childcare workers can have over 35 types of felony convictions in Washington. This definition of “passing” likely does not align with yours.

Business profiling
Business research & profiling

Business profile generation can assist you in making well informed decisions. It’s important to have a well-rounded picture of potential partners before entering into any legally binding agreements. This knowledge can help you craft contracts and agreements to best protect your interests.

People reports
People reports & background checks

Go beyond a simple background check to get a holistic picture of an individual. From potential tenants, prospective employees, builders and contractors, to personal relationships, it’s good to know who you are dealing with. There is so much information out there, but pulling it into a cohesive report is an art.

Subject location
Skip tracing & missing persons

People go missing for many reasons. Whether it’s skip tracing, a minor that has run away, or a long lost relatives, I specialize in finding people. Everyone leaves a trail and I have a passion for following that trail in order to provide resolution for the people and matters left behind.

Asset assessment
Asset research & assessment

Before entering into legal action, it’s important to have a solid understanding of a business or individual’s financial picture. There is a wealth of information out there, so it’s wise to have professional’s help in collecting and organizing this data.

Asset recovery
Fraud/theft detection & recovery

It is devastating to lose funds or property to fraud or theft, and especially heartbreaking if the items lost are sentimental pieces that cannot be replaced.  Whether physical possessions were stolen, or money has been lost to fraud or an internet scam, there are tactics that can be leveraged in an effort to recover your assets.

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